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2 posts from September 2013

In Response: The FASP Letter of Sept. 19, 2013

Sep 20, 2013

Yesterday FASP sent out another note to the community containing many of their familiar attacks on NYU’s direction. It ended with this comment:

“We conclude by adding that we represent the faculty, not only as opponents of the Sexton Plan per se, but----far more important----as professors, bound always by our ethical duty, and our intellectual responsibility, to distinguish fact from error, truth from lie.”

--FASP Letter of Sept 19, 2013

030-nyc A worthy mission, to be sure.

So, it seems only fitting to point out that many of their core assertions contain errors of fact and conflation of issues.

On Loans

FASP claims that the University loan program favors the University administrators and drains the budget. Here’s a key problem with what they imply: the loan program does not cost the University. In fact it earns NYU a small return.

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Foreign Exchange

Sep 17, 2013

Can the liberal arts thrive in countries with more restrictive civil liberties than we have in the US? Can a university deliver a liberal arts education, with its distinctive values of free inquiry and critical thinking, in such countries without sacrificing its integrity?

Those were the questions posed by Jim Sleeper, a lecturer at Yale, in a recent piece in the NY Times.

At NYU, we believe the clear answer is yes. We base it on several factors: the fact we and our partners committed to academic freedom as an explicit pre-condition to moving ahead with the development of our campuses in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai; our choice of prominent US academics to run these campuses and ensure that free inquiry would be preserved; the actual, on-the-ground experience of our faculty; and our belief that a liberal arts education is not a hothouse flower, fragile and vulnerable, but a hardier species that can thrive in different climates and have an important impact on students even when pursued in societies unlike those in the west.

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